Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update from Chile 2. The making of Brain Farm's movie "Flight".

It was a long month in Chile shooting along side with the Brain Farm Cinema crew searching for pow in the Andes. We started in Farellones, near the ski resort of Valle Nevado. With a way less than average snow pack we decided to fly south to Termas de Chillan. There was more snow but finding good snow was impossible. If it was sunny the snow was wind hammered and if it was decent snow the clouds were too thick to fly. In the end we did get a few gems on the ski hill and one good backcountry jump into deep "hot pow". Lots of highlights from a really fun trip. One that will always stay in my mind is when the helicopter pilot let me shoot the jump from inside the snowboard basket on the outside of the chopper. Defiantly something that would never happen in North America. And it wasn't as scary as you would think.
Left Photo. Director Curt Morgan, guide Clark Fyans, pilot Edwardo, Travis Rice and Jake Blauvelt.
This zone Curt renamed Condor Waterfall.
Scotty Lago honing his hunting skills.
The 3 amigos...Jared, me and Curt
Auto heli pilot, who knew it even existed?
Curt's cineflex station at 10,000 feet.
I was lucky enough to shoot the jump from here. At 1000 feet it was quite the ride.
Santiago at dusk.
See that little black dot in the smoke? Thats us shooting.
My shot of the volcano.