Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transworld Snowboarding Magazine AK Cover and Feature

Huge claims. Even with Travis Rice, John Jackson, and Mark Landvik on the trip, photographer Scott Serfas came back from a month shooting in Alaska's remote Tordrillo Range for Rice's forthcoming film, Flight, claiming it like a freshman after his first college kegger. Everything was the "craziest, biggest, sickest, heaviest ever..." The thing is, Serfas ain't no freshman, he's more of a "Frank The Tank" in snowboard media, He's been here for years. He's seen and shot it all and yet we could only scratch our heads at his giddy e-mails, claiming that "this trip was the best snowboarding trip in history." Too bad they couldn't smuggle a writer along on the trip. We were stuck with a secondhand account from our key photographer with a vocabulary limited to just three adjectives: best, biggest, and greatest.

-Joel Muzzey

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  1. cover is sick! so is the right hand shot on 118, so sick