Monday, October 19, 2009

Westbeach Heritage Book Release Party

2009 marks the 30th year for Westbeach, the Canadian snowboard original, and with that comes the heritage book. Out West, written by Dano Pendygrasse is a look back into the origins of the Canadian snowboard scene. Check out for some great photos and the heritage video.

Westbeach held a release party and a lot of the old dogs came down to throw a few shakas and, poker?
Alex Warburton, his wife Shan and Dano Pendygrasse.
"nobody knows the things we've seen." -dano
the entrance lined with pages from the book.
a page from the book on the wall.
the old dogs still get the love they deserve. Sean Johnson and Marc Castonguay.
Alex Warburton and Murray Siple get an earful.
Marc Morriset and Sean Johnson.

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  1. Ok, I heard Jay Z was there but Castonguay?! Morry? "The Jonce?" Mur?