Monday, October 26, 2009

Kevin Sansalone Photo- TWS December Issue

Kevin Sansalone was one of the first guys I ever took photos of. We worked together for years during his long pro snowboarding career with Santa Cruz and Option snowboards, mostly in the Mt. Seymour backcountry. Kevin faded from professional snowboarding a few years ago to take a bigger role in his production company Sandbox.
This past winter, Vancouver received abnormal amounts of snow, which created new oportunities for snowboarding in downtown Vancouver. Kevin called me up and told me he wanted to shoot a photo. The idea was to build a tiny transition at the bottom an art sculpture in a park downtown. He showed up with a twenty foot ladder, to get on top and video camera for his buddy to use. From the top of this feature, Kevin told me it looked like he would miss the transition all together and crumble in the flats. Even still, he stepped up at knocked it out.

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