Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brain Farm in AK - The Next Level

You may not be familiar with the name Brain Farm Cinema, but I'm sure you're aware of "That's It, That's All". Well Brain Farm is the company responsible for producing that ground breaking film a few years back and they are back at it again. Starting this year, they have set out to again change the way we view snowboarding with bigger mountains, steeper lines and larger gaps. I was lucky enough to travel with them a bit this season. I recently returned from AK where I was able to shoot the craziest and most progressive snowboarding ever. Your gonna have to wait another year to see this new film titled "Flight" but in the meantime here are a few out takes from some of our down days during our month of shooting.
Travis Rice takes everything to the extreme. 50 calibre round and what it does to propane tanks.
Mark Landvik takes his turn behind the 50 cal. sniper rifle.
Myself and filmer Gabe Langois take a moment for ourselves. Not too common when working on this type of project. Notice my AK face, I really wanted to fit in up there.
Even though we brought our own food up there, one night was fend for yourself night. Most of us chose the use of a shot gun, not Travis.
Producer Curt Morgan and Mark Landvik get comfortable before heading into the bushes for a month.
15lb bombs to drop a few cornices that were getting in our way. I think Brain Farm is French for "Blow Shit Up".
No ones denies that our family is dysfunctional.