Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nicaragua Catalogue Photo Shoot

I'm back in Nicaragua again with Ripzone, shooting their spring and summer clothing catalogue. Along with team manager Geoff Andruik and the team riders, I left Vancouver Sunday night on the red eye hell ride to arrive in Manauga early Monday morning. We headed straight to the beach, dropped off our bags and checked the surf. Swell is up and pushing 8+ foot. A little too big for out front. Some of the outer reefs have been going off....so we were told. The ol' should have been here yesterday game again. Either way, there is some surf around somewhere and we have Roberto to drive us around and find it. It's raining pretty hard so shooting is out of the question. We hit up a new zone and found some fun head high waves at a river mouth just north of where we are staying. Due to the abnormal amounts of rain in the area, the river is flooded and running strong. This creates some less than desirable water color in the lineup and it tastes a lil' funny too!
Some days you just have to lay down and enjoy the shit.
Team Rider Sam Zuegner, different strokes for different folks.
The more civilized way to cross a flooded road.
The daily commute in rural Nicaragua is slow but no one seems to mind.
Right now it rains everyday and if your not lucky, it rains all day. Quite surprised to see something so bright and clean.
For a second there I thought Mike Reno of Loverboy was hanging out of our truck. It was only Sam Zuegner. Damn!

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