Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dana White Spends $5K at TWS.

This summer Dana White, president of the UFC, visited the Transworld offices in Carlsbad California to speak at a sales meeting. Apparently he saw this Mike O'Meally photo hanging on the wall in the skate department and needed to have it. Everything is for sale I guess, especially when your potential client walks around with a gangsters wad in his pocket 24/7.

For $5k Dana literally took the photo from the wall and back to his jet, which didn't fit into the Carlsbad airport. Bummer.

Dana removing his new piece from the wall.
Skin Phillips flippin' through 5K.
Outside the TWS office in Carlsbad.

Dana and Skate photo editor Skin Phillips, I hope O'Meally sees some of that cake.

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