Saturday, August 28, 2010

New TWS Cover Shot of Devun Walsh

I've been shooting Devun Walsh for almost 20 years now. I've watched him go from the kid without a sponsor, to the kid everyone wanted to look like, to the legend he is today. It took him a lot of hard work, on and off the snow. Whether it meant hiking the jump just one more time, driving solo to Utah for a photo shoot or only spinning a switch backside 5 because a 12 will look like shit, Devun knows that being a professional snowboarder is more than chuckin' whatever the newest trick is. He does it all better than anyone else out there, and here is the proof.


  1. Devun is my snowboarding idol. His effortless style is, to me, the essence of snowboarding. In fact, the first snowboard mag I ever bought (NZ Snowboarder c. 1998) had him on the cover.

    One of my riding buddies had a theory that Devun rides so well switch because he's actually goofy-footed.