Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ransom by Adidas Backcountry Photo Shoot

Recently I spent a few days in the British Columbia backcountry shooting the 2011 fall catalogue for a Ransom shoe collaboration with Adidas Originals. The catalogue will have a large "out there" wilderness crossed with a camping/exploring vibe.
Logistics manager Shin Campos goes over some options with Ransom creator and designer Matt George.
Mary was there to host a behind the scenes piece for Fashion TV. I think she was looking for Starbucks when this shot was taken.
Mary and Matt introduce the concept and location for Fashion TV.
Our base camp during the shoot. No room service provided.
We shot a few pieces in this ice cave. Lucky we where not in there when it all came crashing down 15 minutes later. We would have all died. Honestly.
A view from my tent one morning.
Our crew follows me after being dropped by helicopter.
Working in the rain always makes thing a bit harder.
A test shot of Cody in the ice cave.
Another test shot of Cody, this time in the woods.
Behind the scenes interviews with model Cody and Matt George.

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  1. I found a pair of boots on Sombrio after the photo shoot