Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rome Shootout Teaser

Here is the teaser to our Transworld Team Shootout video. Our team included LNP, Marie France Roy, Bjorn Leines, Will Lavigne and Eiki Helgason. I shot the photos, while John Cavan filmed and edited the video. Art Direction by Mike Paddock. We shot all this during 7 cold nights in April at Bear Mountain in California. A normal day during this shoot consisted of...

  • 1pm wake up.
  • 4pm drive to the hill and shuttle our camera gear up on snowcats.
  • 5pm riders test out the feature for that night and the park crew dials in the changes needed.
  • 10pm riders start hitting the features and I am almost set up.
  • 12am start shooting.
  • 4am we have the shots in the bag.
  • 5am cook frozen pizza back at the house and mac off. (the act of emailing, facebooking and ichating on a mac book)
  • 6am bed time.

The full video will be available on iTunes exclusively on July 27th. (not in available in Canada or Europe)

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