Thursday, July 16, 2009

Transworld Team Shootout

There's a reason why you never saw this coming, why you never heard a word about it. Because it was all done in secret. TransWorld's Team Shoot Out had four of the best teams in snowboarding-Forum, DC, Burton and Rome-competing simultaneously at four separate resorts across the west.

Unlike any event in snowboarding, the all new Shoot Out focuses on creativity itself. As media leaders, TransWorld challenged the invited teams to produce the ultimate terrain park shoot and document it in video and photos to showcase the visual power of snowboarding. Let 'em build whatever they wanted to ride, shred it however they wanted and shoot it all in any way they saw fit. -TWS
  • The contest goes down in a two week window, with seven days of build time and seven days of ride time.
  • Each team consists of five riders, including one girl.
  • A TWS photographer is assigned to each team. Burton (Frode Sandbech) DC (Andy Wright) Forum (Ian Ruhter) Rome (Scott Serfas)
  • Each team must create a five minute final video (available on iTunes) and submit a gallery of ten photos for judging.
  • Judging is broken into the event's three main components: video, photos, and overall creativity.
  • The winning team is awarded the September cover of TWS.


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