Monday, July 27, 2009

Transworld Team Shootout Winner

Last week at the Transworld Snowboarding Magazine (click for more) head office in Carlsbad CA, photo editor Nick Hamilton and editor-in-chief Annie Fast finally announced the winners of the 1st Annual Team Shoot Out. Since this was all done in secret, neither of the teams knew what the others had built, what the photos looked like or how the video was edited until that night. The 4 teams gathered in the TWS gallery for first time photo and video viewing before the winner was announced. I must say, I was more than surprised when Nick unveiled my photo of LNP on the cover of the September issue and us (Rome Snowboards and Bear Mountain) as the winning team. I would like to thank everyone at Rome and Bear for making this all possible. You all kicked ass and helped make this event a success.
the day before I helped cut and mount the gallery photos
myself, Holly and Christian with TWS arts and crafts
my 10 photos submitted for judging
Frode Sandbech and his 10 photos

Andy Wright and his 10 photos
Video I shot of the awards
TWS Video of the awards


  1. yeah buddy, stoked. thanks for your help too!

  2. so how do you feel about the ballpark franks logo on there?